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Active Ingredients

Fast curing Denture Repair Acrylic Resin Powder

Fast curing Denture Repair Acrylic Resin Liquid



Self-Cure Fast Resin Acrylic for denture repairs


1. Clean and dry pieces of the denture or tooth

2. Make sure there are no missing pieces and that everything fits properly back together. If you cannot do this, the denture will not fit when repaired. Do not proceed. See your dentist immediately

3. Open the powder container and add all the liquid from the bottle.

4. Mix vigorously liquid and powder using the spatula until the mixture becomes smooth with a creamy consistency, like syrup.

5. Using the micro brush apply a thin coating layer of the repair mixture to each broken edge of the denture or in the missing tooth area.

6. Immediately fit properly aligned the broken pieces of the denture together and press for three (3) minutes

7. Carefully scrape away any extra material that has squeezed out.


8. Allow to set for an additional five (5) minutes.


9. Soak repaired denture in hot tap water (not boiling) for 10 minutes


10. Wash denture with soap and water.


11. If necessary, use high grit sandpaper (Not included) to lightly smooth out any rough spots.


For external use only.


• Avoid getting denture reline liquid on skin. If you do, wash area with water immediately.

• Denture liquid is flammable. Keep away from heat, open flames or sparks

• For emergency repairs only. 

• Long-term use of home repaired dentures may cause faster bone loss, continuing irritation, sores and tumors

• This kit is for emergency use only.

• See dentist without delay.

• A new denture may be required.

Allergy alerts: Product contains methacrylates. Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to methacrylates.

When using this product Fit pieces together and make sure they tie correctly. Once this product hardens it cannot be removed. Do not put repaired denture back into your mouth until the material has hardened.

Do Not Use:  

• For loose caps, crowns or lost fillings

• Do not use to reline the whole palate of the denture.

Keep out of the reach of children. Read directions carefully before using

NOTE: After repairs have been completed, if for any reason the denture is uncomfortable or does not fit, do not use it. See your dentist immediately.

IMPORTANT: Special training and tools are needed to repair dentures to fit properly. Home-repaired dentures may cause irritation to the gums and discomfort and tiredness while eating. Long-term use may lead to more troubles, even permanent changes in bones, teeth, and gums, which may make it impossible to wear dentures in the future. For these reasons, dentures repaired with this kit should be used only in an emergency until a dentist can be seen. Dentures that do not fit properly cause irritation and injury to the gums and faster bone loss, which is permanent. Dentures that do not fit properly cause gum changes that may require surgery for correction. Continuing irritation and injury may lead to tumors in the mouth. You must see your dentist as soon as possible.